Cisco CCIE 350-001 Exam 57

Ensurepass QUESTION Two BGP peers connected through a routed firewall are unable to establish a peering relationship. What could be the most likely cause? A. BGP peers must be Layer 2-adjacent. B. EBGP multihop is not configured. C. The firewall is not configured to allow IP protocol 89. D. The firewall is not configured to allow UDP 179. Correct Answer: B QUESTION 282 Which two of these steps are minimum requirements to configure OSPFv3 under IPv6? (Choose two.) A. Configure a routing process Read more [...]

Cisco CCIE 350-001 Exam 56

Ensurepass QUESTION Which OSPF LSA type does an ASBR use to originate a default route into an area? A. LSA1 B. LSA3 C. LSA4 D. LSA 5 E. LSA7 Correct Answer: D QUESTION 277 Refer to the exhibit. Routers A and B are directly connected. Given the configuration, how many EIGRP routes will router B see in its routing table? A.0 B.1 C.2 D.3 E.4 Correct Answer: A QUESTION 278 Refer to the exhibit. Routers A and B are directly connected and running EIGRP, but they are unable to form a neighbor Read more [...]

Cisco CCIE 350-001 Exam 55

Ensurepass QUESTION You are designing your network to be able to use trunks. As part of this process you are comparing the ISL and 802.1 Q encapsulation options. All of these statements about the two encapsulation options are correct except which one? A. Both support normal and extended VLAN ranges. B. ISL is a Cisco proprietary encapsulation method and 802.1 Q is an IEEE standard. C. ISL encapsulates the original frame D. Both support native VLANs. E. 802.1 Q does not encapsulate the original Read more [...]

Cisco CCIE 350-001 Exam 54

Ensurepass QUESTION Which IPv6 address would you ping to determine if OSPFv3 is able to send and receive unicast packets across a link? A. anycast address B. site-local multicast C. global address ofthe link D. unique local address E. link-local address Correct Answer: E QUESTION 267 You are using IPv6, and would like to configure EIGRPv3. Which three of these correctly describe how you can perform this configuration? (Choose three.) A. EIGRP for IPv6 is directly configured on the interfaces Read more [...]

Cisco CCIE 350-001 Exam 53

Ensurepass QUESTION Which of these tables is used by an LSR to perform a forwarding lookup for a packet destined to an address within an RFC 4364 VPN? A. CEF B. FIB C. LFIB D. IGP Correct Answer: C QUESTION 262 Which two of these parameters are used to determine a forwarding equivalence class? (Choose two.) A. IP prefix B. Layer 2 circuit C. RSVP request from CE for bandwidth reservation D. BGP MED value Correct Answer: AB QUESTION 263 A network is composed of several VRFs. It is required Read more [...]

Cisco CCIE 350-001 Exam 52

Ensurepass QUESTION Under which two circumstances would an RSTP bridge flush its CAM table? (Choose two.) A. upon a port state change B. upon receiving a topology change notification C. when transitioning from discarding to forwarding D. when transitioning from forwarding to discarding E. only when changing from listening to discarding F. when CAM resources have been completely used up Correct Answer: BC QUESTION 257 Which of these correctly identifies a difference between the way BPDUs are Read more [...]

Cisco CCIE 350-001 Exam 51

Ensurepass QUESTION The ip pim autorp listener command is used to do which of these? A. enable a Cisco router to "passively" listen to Auto-RP packets without the router actively sending or forwarding any of the packets B. allow Auto-RP packets in groups and to be flooded in dense mode out interfaces configured with the ip pim sparse-mode command C. enable the use of Auto-RP on a router D. configure the router as an Auto-RP mapping agent Correct Answer: B QUESTION 252 In Read more [...]

Cisco CCIE 350-001 Exam 50

Ensurepass QUESTION What two features in Cisco switches help prevent Layer 2 loops? (Choose two.) A. Unidirectional Link Detection B. Hot Standby Router Protocol C. Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol D. PortFast E. root guard F. loop guard Correct Answer: AF QUESTION 247 Refer to the exhibit. Which switching feature is being tested? A. loop guard B. PortFast C. root guard D. BDPU guard Correct Answer: A QUESTION 248 Refer to the exhibit. This exhibit shows the NAT configuration for Read more [...]

Cisco CCIE 350-001 Exam 5

Ensurepass QUESTION Refer to the exhibit. A packet from RTD with destination RTG, is reaching RTB. What is the path this packet will take from RTB to reach RTG? A. RTB - RTA - RTG B. RTB - RTD - RTC - RTA - RTG C. RTB - RTF - RTE - RTA - RTG D. RTB will not be able to reach RTG since the OSPF configuration is wrong. Correct Answer: C QUESTION 22 Refer to the exhibit. Which path is selected as best path? A. path 1, because it is learned from IGP B. path 1, because the metric is the lowest C. Read more [...]

Cisco CCIE 350-001 Exam 49

Ensurepass QUESTION Which of these statements about penultimate hop popping are true? (Choose three) A. It is used only for directly connected subnets or aggregate routes B. It can only be used with LDP. C. It is only used when two or more labels are stacked. D. It enables the Edge LSR to request a label pop operation from Its upstream neighbors E. It is requested through TDP using a special label value that is also called the implicit-null value. F. It is requested through LDP using a special Read more [...]

Cisco CCIE 350-001 Exam 48

Ensurepass QUESTION Refer to the exhibit. You have noticed that several users in the network are consuming a great deal of bandwidth for the peer-to-peer application Kazaa2. You would like to limit this traffic, and at the same time provide a guaranteed 100 kb/s bandwidth for one of your servers. After applying the configuration in the exhibit, you notice no change in the bandwidth utilization on the serial link; it is still heavily oversubscribing the interface. What is the cause of this problem? A. Read more [...]

Cisco CCIE 350-001 Exam

Ensurepass QUESTION An expanding company is deploying leased lines between its main site and two remote sites. The bandwidth of the leased lines is 128kb/s each, terminated on different serial interfaces on the main router. These links are used for combined VOIP and data traffic. The network administrator has implemented a VOIP solution to reduce costs, and has therefore reserved sufficient bandwidth in a low latency queue on each interface for the VOIP traffic. Users now complain about bad voice Read more [...]