Cisco CCIE 350-001 Exam 64

Ensurepass QUESTION Refer to the exhibit. You are setting up a 2-gigabit EtherChannel. Following IEEE standards, the exhibit shows your configuration in a local switchl. However, EtherChannel is not coming up. Which one of these statements could be a possible reason? A. EtherChannel is only available in Cisco equipment. B. The customer side is supposed to be running PAgP, which is a Cisco standard. C. PAgP is not an IEEE standard. VRRP should be used. D. The configuration on switch1 needs to Read more [...]

Cisco CCIE 350-001 Exam 63

Ensurepass QUESTION Before inserting a new switch in the network, the network administrator checks that the VTP domain name is correct, the VTP mode is set to server, and revision is lower than the switches in the network. The administrator then configures interfaces and trunks, erases existing VLANs, and connects the switch to the network. Following that procedure, there is no connectivity in the network. What is a possible cause of this problem? A. Because the configuration revision of the new Read more [...]

Cisco CCIE 350-001 Exam 62

Ensurepass QUESTION Refer to the exhibit. Users from the Engineering VLAN complain that every time Business VLAN users have a network connectivity issue, the Engineering VLAN users usually have problems experiencing slow response or network connectivity problems. After troubleshooting, an unauthorized switch 2 was found. This unauthorized switch has been a regular problem, assuming the root bridge function under the spanning-tree domain and causing the Engineering VLAN to be unstable. Which three Read more [...]

Cisco CCIE 350-001 Exam 61

Ensurepass QUESTION A request arrived on your MPLS-vpn-bgp group. Due to a security breach, your customer is experiencing DoS attacks coming from specific subnets (, You have checked all MPLS- EBGP routes being advertised to BHK from other VPN sites and found four subnets listed:,,, You immediately apply an outbound ACL filter using the appropriate MPLS-EBGP tool: access-list 1 deny access-list Read more [...]

Cisco CCIE 350-001 Exam 60

Ensurepass QUESTION Refer to the exhibit. Look at the command output. Assume that there is no other path, and the configuration is correct. What would be the consequences of this situation? A. Users in SW1 can ping SW2 but not vice versa. B. Users in SW2 can ping SW1 but not vice versa. C. Users in SW1 and SW2 can ping each other. D. Users in SW1 and SW2 cannot ping each other. Correct Answer: D QUESTION 297 Refer to the exhibit. Look at the command output. What can you use to prevent this Read more [...]

Cisco CCIE 350-001 Exam 6

Ensurepass QUESTION Refer to the exhibit. Why is AS 65333 in parentheses? A. It is an external AS. B. It is a confederation AS. C. It is the AS of a route reflector. D. It is our own AS. E. A route map has been applied to this route. F. The BGP next hop is unreachable. Correct Answer: B QUESTION 27 Refer to the exhibit. What triggered the first SPF recalculation? A. changes in a router LSA, subnet LSA, and external LSA B. changes in a router LSA, summary network LSA, and external LSA C. changes Read more [...]

Cisco CCIE 350-001 Exam 59

Ensurepass QUESTION The core of a network has four routers connected in a square design with Gigabit Ethernet links using /30 subnets. The network is used to carry voice traffic and other applications. Convergence time is taking more than expected. Which three actions would you take to improve OSPF convergence time? (Choose three.) A. Increase MTU of the interfaces to accommodate larger OSPF packets B. Change the network type to point-to-point on those links. C. Reduce SPF initial timer. D. Increase Read more [...]

Cisco CCIE 350-001 Exam 58

Ensurepass QUESTION Refer to the exhibit. From the MAC addresses shown in the command output, to which two ports is the multicast stream being forwarded on this switch? (Choose two.) Switch#show mac- address-table multicast A. Fa6/28 B. Fa7/20 C. Gi3/7 D. Fa4/2 E. Fa4/14 F. Fa4/38 G. Fa6/28 H. Fa5/7 Correct Answer: CE QUESTION 287 Refer to the exhibit. Two ISPs have decided to use MSDP and configured routers X and Y (both are PIM RPs) as MSDP peers. In the domain of ISP B, Read more [...]