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2013 Latest Pass4Sure 350-029 Exam Questions 41-45

Ensurepass QUESTION 41 What is the default maximum transmission unit on the Cisco router ATM interface? A. 4470 bytes B. 1516 bytes C. 9288 bytes D. 1500 bytes E. 1492 bytes Correct Answer: A QUESTION 42 Which four services use the inner labels of an MPLS label stack? (Choose four) A. MPLS VPN B. switching path in MPLS core C. Cisco MPLS Traffic Engineering and Fast Reroute D. MPLS over ATM E. VPN over Traffic Engineering core F. any transport over MPLS Correct Answer: ACEF QUESTION Read more [...]

2013 Latest Pass4Sure 350-029 Exam Questions 36-40

Ensurepass QUESTION 36 Which four of these statements are restrictions for Frame Relay PVC bundles with QoS support for IP and MPLS? (Choose four) A. A PVC bundle will not come up unless all the precedence, DSCP, and EXP levels are configured in the bundle. B. A PVC bundle can perform precedence and DSCP matching at the same time C. A PVC bundle may contain no more than sixteen PVCs D. A PVC can be in only one PVC bundle E. A PVC bundle cannot perform precedence and DSCP matching at the same Read more [...]

2013 Latest Pass4Sure 350-029 Exam Questions 31-35

Ensurepass QUESTION 31 Which two statements about MPLS point-to-multipoint traffic engineering (P2MP TE) are true? (Choose two) A. P2MP TE uses an OSPF extension that is different from the OSPF extension that is used in P2P TE. B. Loose path is not supported in P2MP TE. C. Multiple IP multicast groups can map to one P2MP tunnel. D. Affinity is not supported in P2MP TE. E. P2MP TE uses Constrained Shortest Path First (CSPF) to calculate paths. Correct Answer: CE QUESTION 32 In which Cisco Read more [...]

2013 Latest Pass4Sure 350-029 Exam Questions 341-342

Ensurepass QUESTION 341 In MPLS traffic engineering, which one of the following protocols is used for Path Setup? A. BGP B. OSPF C. ISIS D. RSVP Correct Answer: D QUESTION 342 For SONET ring switching, the 50ms switch time: Select all that apply A. Plncludes the detection time B. Applies to rings smaller than 1200km C. Applies to rings smaller than 1000km D. Includes up to 16 nodes Correct Answer: BD Ensurepass offers Latest 2013 CCIE 350-029 Real Exam Questions , help you to pass exam Read more [...]

2013 Latest Pass4Sure 350-029 Exam Questions 336-340

Ensurepass QUESTION 336 What is the main difference between the information displayed on the dspload and the dsptrkutl screens? A. The dspload screen is for all trunks; the dsptrkutl screen is for one trunk. B. The dspload screen shows the expected traffic; the dsptrkutl screen shows actual traffice. C. The information on the dspload screen never changes; the dsptrkutl screen is dynamic D. The dspload screen shows historical information; the dsptrkutl screen shows current information. Correct Read more [...]

2013 Latest Pass4Sure 350-029 Exam Questions 331-335

Ensurepass QUESTION 331 Which statement is FALSE concerning the interleave depth value? A. A higher interleave depth provides more protection from burst of noise on the HFC network B. Higher interleave depth increase downstream latency. C. Lower interleave depth cause some packet loss on typical HFC networks D. None ofthe above Correct Answer: D QUESTION 332 What is the effect of turning on all available downstream carrier tones in a DMT DSL transmission systems? A. Downstream RS error Read more [...]

2013 Latest Pass4Sure 350-029 Exam Questions 326-330

Ensurepass QUESTION 326 During the modem boot process, how does the modem acquire the downstream channel? A. The modem is commanded by the CMTS to set to the specific channel. B. The modem uses the default value in the broadcom chipset. C. The modem tuner sets a level as defined by the DOCSIS specification. D. The modem tuner scans the downstream spectrum until digital QAM modulated signal is encountered Correct Answer: D QUESTION 327 What is the function of the AJB bits on DS1 using Extended Read more [...]

2013 Latest Pass4Sure 350-029 Exam Questions 321-325

Ensurepass QUESTION 321 What method of streaming live video is the least taxing on bandwidth in a large enterprise environment? A. TCP B. UDP C. HTTP D. Multicast Correct Answer: D QUESTION 322 What is the relationship between the Domain Name System (DNS) and LDAP? A. All the root DNS servers maintain information in a distributed LDAP tree. B. DNS clients access DNS information by making LDAP queries to DNS servers. C. An LDAP DN attribute is a Domain Name. D. It is currently recommended Read more [...]